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Rather pickup? Select PICKUP as the delivery method and swing by our booth at the Lynchburg Community Market (1219 Main St, Lynchburg, VA 24504) on Saturdays only (9:00 am- 1:30 pm) to pick your order. Order must be placed by Tuesday of the week of pick up.

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Behind BeSweet Desserts stands a beautiful story of a mother and her son who started their unique journeys simultaneously.  As her son, a U.S. Marine, gets deployed to serve our country and looks at the future with a sense of excitement and wonder, so does his mother, Eliete, as she ventures into starting her own business with a friend, Denise. But, for Eliete and Denise, women of faith, the encouragement they receive from their families and friends to open their business has fueled their determination to aim for excellence. Every day, they can’t hardly wait to share with everyone what BeSweet has become. The amazing thing is that you are now part of their story as your life gets sweeter one bite at a time.

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Brigadeiros are A labor of love!

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birthday parties

"The Tea Party was perfect!!! Everyone couldn't stop talking about the truffles. They loved them! I had to send my husband back to buy more." _ T.A.


"The first time I saw BeSweet was at the Lynchburg Community Market. Being Brazilian, I knew exactly what they were selling and I could not believe that I could get a little taste of home from here in Lynchburg. I tried their sample and fell in love so naturally that I bought a gift box with my fiancé in mind. I got back home, set it on my coffee table and planned how I would give it to him. But as the night went on, I kept taking one from the box saying, “It’s okay, he still has 3 left.” In just a few minutes, the box was completely empty! I ate the whole box! Now, we are ordering the Brigadeiros for our wedding. So, thankfully, my fiancé will finally have one before I eat all of them." _ S.R.

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Authentic Brazilian Flavor!

What is a Brazilian Brigadeiro?

The Brazilian Brigadeiro (bree-gah-day-do) is a delicious chocolate soft truffle that has been one of Brazil’s favorite treats.  Chocolate sprinkles, coconut, pistachos, almonds, lemon zest, are some of the many flavors used to cover each artisan Brigadeiro truffle. Although Brigadeiros take hours to prepare, they quickly melt in your mouth before you can say ‘Brigadeiros.'

But, why such an interesting name? How did the Brigadeiro become popular? Okay, let's take  a sweet bite into History. There are many different stories shared in the streets of Brazil. Some Brazilians say it started in 1946 when a good-looking Brazilian politician and Air Force Brigadier, Eduardo Gomes, was running for the Brazilian presidency. To appeal to the female population, in his presidential campaign, he used the slogan “Vote for the Brigadier who is good-looking and single!” In order to raise funds for his campaign, his supporters started selling these delicious soft chocolate truffles.

Interestingly, Brazilians immediately started calling the candy 'Brigadeiro.' History shows that Gomes lost the election, but our delicious Brazilian Brigadeiros are always winning people’s taste buds and hearts by the minute. 

Where Can I Find Brazilian Brigadeiros?

If you visit Brazil, you will find Brigadeiros in most bakeries and candy stores. However, if you are not planning to take such a long and expensive trip to find such an amazing treat, BeSweet Desserts offers a variety of authentic Brazilian Brigadeiros for very good price. If you live in the Lyncburg, VA, areas, you can visit the Lynchburg Community Market on Saturdays and get your Brigadeiros directly from our sweet people. However, if you are far away from the beautiful city of Lynchburg, you can visit the BeSweet website and order your decadent Brigadeiros. They will be delivered to your home just in time for your party of one or a hundred. You will love them.